hello! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ thank you very much for visiting!
my name is tewro and this is a fun little project i work on in between other things! i see it as a sort of archive for my creative endeavours, namely original characters, worldbuilding, art and writing!
i've been doing this sort of thing for many, many years now so this will probably forever be a work in progress. i'm okay with that though! it's nice to have something to do in my downtime (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

to do!

  • template layout for oc pages
  • apply new story layout to all story pages
  • rewrite basic css
  • redo all pages
  • layout for varemo world page
  • get started on that lcd strategy idea
  • draw a mr. navit for the lcd strategy page
  • get started on the dats page

about grey mornings

boy where do i even start
having all my creative stuff scattered across notion (worldbuilding), toyhouse (oc's and art), onedrive (writing) and neopets/subeta (more oc's, more writing, also web pages in the case of neopets) is not the greatest (and don't even get me started on my physical notebooks or old ipad...), and i did always like the idea of having it all in one place for my own satisfaction
so this seemed like a good idea!

why are the mornings grey? a lot of my fondest writing memories revolve around writing in my university library before lectures. i love waking up early, having breakfast at cafes... and, well, i was in the uk for university which is not exactly known for being a particularly sunny country

about me

i'm just a very average person haha. i live in italy with a dog named whiskey and copious amounts of v-pets (digimon and tamagotchi), and support us all by teaching english as a second language
i have too many interests to list them all (and no one has enough time to read a list like that either!), so i'll just limit myself to saying that i strive to enjoy myself and be positive!
let's all try to do our best in life ٩(。•ω•。)و


coding me (with plenty of help from stackexchange and various sources!)
art/writing/other content me
background images kier in sight, joanna kosinska, shelby miller, tom mossholder, michael dziedzic, janko ferlic

other pages might have different credits, i'll do my best to credit everything properly!