Mention of violence & child abuse


Name Ruu Minami
Age 18
Occupation Mafia boss; student
Birthday July 28th
Birthplace Greylake
Residence Greylake
Temperament Melancholic
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Sin Pride
Arcana Death
Drink Espresso

Don't face me now, I'd rather be blind to my malformations
Don't tell me I act like a child, I grew up in a basement

Petting Zoo Justice - Dance Gavin Dance
No Nurture - A Lot Like Birds
We Need More Skulls - The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die


What Ruu says goes - that is the impression he hopes to make and, for the most part, makes. Ruu is an unapproachable, aloof, distant man who gives the impression that he controls the world directly around him. Those that knew his father liken Ruu to that man; those that truly knew his father see no resemblance save for the authority, because unlike his father, Ruu is severly lacking in charisma.

Yet, cracks show onto that authoritative façade. Fear has been a driving force for Ruu both throughout a childhood marked by abuse and solitude, and now an adulthood that forced him into ruthlessness. Tears come to him effortlessly - thankfully with enough forewarning to allow Ruu to excuse himself when necessary. Coping mechanisms he employed in childhood only grew more needed as he aged: Ruu is a daydreamer, he is capable of spacing out for hours on end as he explores his meticulously crafted fantasy world.

He cannot stand being underestimated - be it because of his age or delicate appearance - and will not turn the other cheek when wronged. Ruu is a prideful man who does not take kindly to unsolicited advice. However, when not confronted with the reality of his position within the crime family... Ruu is quite normal. Socially inept certainly, but that hardly matters to him given his penchant for solitude.

He had come to know quite thoroughly the world in which he lived. His outlook was bleak and materialistic. The world as he saw it was a fierce and brutal world, a world without warmth, a world in which caresses and affection and the bright sweetness of spirit did not exist.

Maladaptive daydreaming

A behaviour characterised by excessive, intense daydreaming that may interfere with everyday activities. Though he started daydreaming as a coping mechanism during childhood, Ruu never outgrew it. His daydreams reflect an extraordinarily complex inner world populated by characters that feel almost real to Ruu - imaginary friends, though he would never refer to them as such to spare himself the humiliation. Among them Orion the wolfdog is the one that has stuck with Ruu the longest, originally as a protector and later as a companion.

Literature & art

Ruu is an avid reader. Though he enjoys the act of reading in itself and will read (and reread) mostly anything, he has a particular fondness for xenofiction; White Fang is his favourite book and one he has reread enough times to nearly memorise it. Aside from reading Ruu also enjoys drawing and painting in his spare time - especially the former. Unsurprisingly given his love of animals, most of his subjects are wolves. Also unsurprising, he does not let anyone see his art.


The one place where Ruu can feel as though he lives an average life. Ruu has attended prestigious private schools through his whole life and plans to follow it with an equally prestigious university - granted, he is still uncertain as to what degree to pursue. Diligent in his studies, Ruu has always been at the top of his class. Until he took over the family business, after which point there is a noticeable dip in his grades. Math especially is a subject he struggles with.


Ruu has been told - more times than he can count - that he inherited his mother's looks. He has no way to confirm this; she died before he could form long-term memories and any evidence of her ever existing has seemingly vanished.

Calling what existed between Ruu's father and mother a relationship stretches the word's meaning. A man of power and prestige within the world of organised crime, Jeremiah built a criminal empire and, though Ruu cannot be certain, he suspects his mother met Jeremiah through some debt or other illicit business. Maybe her death was caused by her wanting to leave that life. There must have been an additional, more personal reason however, because aside from attempting to erase her memory, Jeremiah only ever mentioned the woman between imprecations and derogatory terms.

Ruu's childhood was not easy. He was exposed to a world of violence and deceit at a young age, all by a father that never showed any traces of affection. Jeremiah cycled between seeing Ruu as a trophy and parading him around as such (to the amusement of his associates, who likened Ruu to a puppy following its master), to cruelty, terrorising his son into obedience yet never satisfied by anything he did. Displeasing his father meant corporal punishment - the effects of which linger still on Ruu's skin, in the manner with which he flinches when touched, in the terror in his eyes at the prospect of physical proximity.

Between the abuse and lack of socialisation, Ruu grew socially inept. He withdrew from everyone around him out of fear of being hurt and of a budding arrogance: his privileged upbringing with designer clothes and prestigious private schooling led him to believe himself a notch above the masses. And as he grew, Ruu also began to spend as much time away from his father and the world of organised crime as he could.

The murder of Ruu's father came when the boy was merely sixteen. His feelings were complicated and exhausting - to such extent that he avoided even acknowledging it at first. On one hand, Jeremiah's death was a relief. He found comfort in knowing he was free of his father's controlling ways. Yet, he was also alone for the time in his life. Not that Ruu had much time to contemplate what the sudden change would entail, as Jeremiah's death had left an open gap within the family's leadership and, Ruu knew from experience, such power vacuums begot nothing but bloodshed. He established himself as his father's successor before anyone could sweep the position from under his feet; through a mixture of sheer luck and strategic alliances, Ruu managed to garner enough support for his new position to not be questioned.

Two years have passed since the death of his father. Now eighteen and finishing high school, Ruu's authority within the syndicate is hardly challenged - perhaps out of fear more than respect, as Ruu's suspicious nature has led him to executing his own men more than once. His view on the future is bleak. Sleeping with an eye open for years has grated on Ruu's nerves enough to put him in a permanent state of tension; his work within organised crime forced him into gruesome, traumatising situations more often than he would wish onto anyone. Yet Ruu holds on, halfway because he knows that a moment of weakness is all it would take for him to find a bullet between his eyes... Halfway because, despite hating the thought, he is still his father's son and faces the world with his head held up high, no longer a boy but a man who will carve out a place for him no matter the cost.

Father, the day you die I hope you die in a living room
I hope the irony does not let you laugh
I hope the life that flashes before your eyes is mine and it doesn't flash fast






  • Hair is asymmetrical and longer on his left side
  • Keeps sunglasses tucked in his shirt/sweater collar when not wearing them
  • Never seen smiling


Jeremiah father

Ruu’s feelings towards his father grew muddled following his death. He spent his whole life hating the man because it was easier to admit hatred than fear - yet how could he fear a dead man? The relief at being free of his cruelty is overshadowed by the burden of the legacy left behind.

Cecil associate

A back-alley doctor working for Ruu’s syndicate and, most importantly, someone Ruu detests. Cecil’s visceral hatred for Jeremiah moved onto Ruu following the man’s death - more accurately, it did so when Ruu refused to acknowledge that his father was the culprit behind the murder of Cecil’s mother as he insisted. Their relationship is strictly governed by business, but Ruu will never turn his back to Cecil lest he find a scalpel in his back.

Alena acquaintance

A hitwoman Ruu employed more than once. Ruu has no real opinion on her, he finds her serious nature and impeccable work ethic useful and that is all.


Varemo’s seafront capital and largest city. Ruu was born and raised in Greylake’s richest district and though he visited the city’s… Less reputable parts due to his job, his view of Greylake is skewed due to his wealth. Though Ruu fantasies about a life in the wilderness, he is too accustomed to the comforts of the city to ever live elsewhere.

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