Varemo: Main timeline

Varemo's main timeline - does what it says on the tin. In this timeline world history continued its natural path, leading to an early/mid-80s Varemo where average people go on with their average lives. These characters and stories primarily have a slice-of-life theme


High school student who ended up in Greylake after being shuffled around relatives his whole life. Quiet and pensive, dislikes attracting attention

Lives in Greylake


Excitable, theatrical high school student with more inner turmoil than he lets on. Often fantasises about starting a new life

Lives in Greylake


Studies economics in the country's most prestigious university while dealing with a constant sense of longing and home-sickness

Lives in Greylake


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Lives in Greylake


Law school drop-out who plays the guitar in subway stations. A pessimist at heart who sees no hope for the future

Lives in Greylake


Law student who switched faculties after not realising her ambitions as an actress. Blunt, careless and, most importantly, a pathological liar

Lives in Greylake


Camera operator with a history of working in photography. Troubled by his past, though it never shows on his blank face

Lives in Greylake


Television actor turned assistant director. Demanding perfectionist who expects the impossible from people, himself included

Lives in Greylake


An earnestly good person dealt some bad cards in life, and who has made some very bad decisions. Works any job that will let him support himself

Lives in Greylake

Drug addiction


Renowned erotica writer who publishes his work under a pseudonym. Energetic, cheerful fellow who loves his cats

Lives in Greylake


Once an archery prodigy, an injury left him unable to ever draw an arrow again. Currently works as an assistant editor for a tabloid

Lives in Greylake



Neurotic and anxious accountant plagued by constant self-doubt. Needs everything to be tidy all the time.

Lives in Greylake


University student studying landscape design. Uncertain about his future but tries to keep a positive attitude about it

Lives in ???


Eccentric bartender who wants all eyes to be on him. Dramatic, coquettish and not very bright, but ultimately a fun guy to be around

Lives in Lorpoli


Barista who would spend all his waking time on the beach if he could. Slowly picking his life back up after a rough couple of years

Lives in Lorpoli