A bakeneko who awoke one day with no memories. Works tirelessly to uncover her past


A yokai with a poor opinion of humans. Her flirty, charming personality helps her run her cafe-bar


At one point lauded as a master thief, regret over the toll his infamy had on his family made him into a shell of his former self


Young woman who took to crime early in life. Fled to a different city after witnessing her brother's murder


Lagotto romagnolo from a small town. Helps her grandfather with his woodworking business and looks for truffles in her spare time


Conspiracy of the Innocent

World wherein Digital Monsters routinely threaten the safety of humanity and the government agency DATS deals with the threat by employing agents who fight alongside Digimon partners


Cold, demanding man who works with DATS and takes his job extremely seriousness. Has a very cynical outlook on life


Laid-back with lazy tendencies, a young woman who only recently became an adult and has no idea what to do in life


Local delinquent turned criminal after resonating with a Digimon. Not as cruel as he would like others to believe


Novice DATS agent desperate to please his father. Very likeable and reliable fellow, if a little overly trusting


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LCD Strategy

Virtual reality has become a world in its own right. Among the youth no game is more popular than Digimon raising and battling - but what if the game were to transcend the confines of its digital creation?


High school bully and generally problematic adolescent who blows off steam through Digimon battles


A girl molded into the perfect daughter by her extremely demanding mother. Never seemed to falter under the weight of expectations, but harbours a dark side