✎ organisation

organising these will be... something haha
so first off i'll divide the stories by world, with all of the varemo ones then being divided by timeline and sorted based on how they intertwine with one another
aside from that it's not like there's any real order or timeline (though maybe there should be - for my own sanity mainly)

a word on canon - anachonisms are rampant as are contradictions. plus i sometimes just kind of... change stuff. and also really don't like editing finished/old stories, so it is what it is

actually finishing things is not my forte

✎ varemo

Main timeline

➥ The Rain that Washed Away the City

Finished. Written in early 2018
Based on an unfinished novel, sort of a shorter version of the same story

➥ When Spring Ends

Finished. Written in winter 2019-2020

➥ For the Sky Someday Will Die

Finished. (Re)written in March 2018
Originally written in summer 2016
Title is a reference to the song Skeleton Tiger by Tame Impala

➥ Time and the Cicadas

Finished. Written in February 2020

➥ The Longing

Finished. Written in November 2019

➥ Counting Wolves

Finished. Written in early 2016 (parts i & ii) and autumn 2016 (part iii)
Title is a reference to the song Lion Skin by Hands Like Houses

➥ You were Born for More

Finished. Written in March 2017
Based on the prompt you were born for more

➥ Overly Sensitive

Finished. Written in February 2018
Based on the prompt love is a fragile word
Title is a reference to the song GB Eating GB Whislt Listening to GB by Crywank

➥ Anthem for Something that was Never Really There

Finished. Written in May 2018

➥ Hurt

Finished. Written in autumn 2018

➥ Aquatic

Finished. Written in September 2019
Based on the prompt aquatic

Years of Crimson

➥ The Heartbeat of a Heartless Man

Unfinished. (Re)written in early 2017
Original version finished in May 2016 but I was dissatisfied with it

➥ Jackals of the Modern Age

Finished. Written in early 2017
Contains explicit violence

➥ I was Born in a Thunderstorm

Finished. Written in August 2017
Based on the prompt I was born in a thunderstorm

➥ Ghosts and Vultures

Finished? Written in summer 2017
Technically part of a longer piece that was never finished, still works as a stand alone
Contains explicit violence

➥ Red

Finished. Written in June 2019
Based on the prompt red

➥ Meet Me by the River

Finished. Written in July 2017
Based on the prompt meet me by the river

➥ Things

Finished. Written in May 2018
Based on the prompt things

➥ Marcellin's Castle

Finished. Written in September 2017
Based on the prompt describe the same character twice, once to fall in love with them, then again to be repulsed by them

➥ Unexpected Kiss

Finished. Written in December 2019
Based on the prompt unexpected kiss

➥ Glow

Finished. Written in June 2019
Based on the prompt glow

➥ The Art of Chasing Invisible Kites

Finished? Written in spring 2016
Was originally going to be a collection of stories which did not end up happening

One Way Mirror


✎ not varemo

➥ Red and White

Finished. Written in Autumn 2018

➥ Fireflies

Finished. Written in September 2020
Based on the prompt sky
Featuring Marcellin but not canon to Varemo

➥ Shadows at Dusk

Finished. Written in May 2016

✎ digimon


✎ other

split between pieces that aren't part of my canon anymore/feature oc's i don't use anymore and things that are very very old
and when i say very very old i mean like, stuff i wrote when i was in middle/high school haha

➥ Shoes for Running, Shoes for Fighting

Finished. Written in October 2017
Based on the prompt always wear shoes that are good for fighting, or good for running

➥ The Innocence that Dissipated at Dawn

Finished. Written in spring 2016

➥ The Inevitable

Finished. Written in spring 2016
Based on the prompt inevitable

➥ Dreams of Blood and Broken Mirrors

Finished. Written in October 2015
The lack of paragraph breaks seemed intentional (I think?) so I decided against adding them in now

➥ Dawnless

Finished. Written in summer 2014 (first half) and summer-autumn 2015 (second half)