Marcellin's Castle

Behind the rosy shades, Marcellin Tasse has the eyes of a daydreamer. He moves through life with the gentleness of a rose bud. And he is soft as one, too. Marcellin always appears somewhat detached, mysterious, arguably, but a simple call is enough to make him come back with a smile. And oh how he smiles! Marcellin’s smiles are delicate and almost inappreciable. They become more beautiful every time. Marcellin understands limits; he would never barge where he is unwanted, he respects people’s spaces. Which is not to say he is asocial. The contrary, if anything! He knows how to entertain others, not a day with him is boring. He is an attentive listener who will nod at every syllable and never interrupt. His displays of affection are not so common as to become meaningless, yet not rare enough to become pointless. He has found a perfect balance. And he does all this with the same eyes, the eyes of a daydreamer.

Marcellin Tasse is the worst kind of stray cat. He knows no honor, no shame, and has a visibly skewed sense of morality. What makes it worst, too, is that Marcellin has spent so long constructing a castle of lies around him, that hardly anyone realizes what kind of man he truly is. Watch what happens when that castle crumbles at last! He panics, too immature to deal with reality. Marcellin will flee. He will leave behind anyone who has offered him warmth and sympathy and disappear like the coward he is. He will then find new victims, and the cycle will begin anew. This is a man so terrified of intimacy he will do anything to keep others outside his castle. He fled his city like a coward to escape the draft, and now wanders the country like a vagabond, ferrying cocaine and illegal newspapers. I pity the fool that will fall for him next – because there will be more, rest assured.